Meet Aimee May: Your photorealistic AI fashion model of the future!

Welcome to the impressive virtual world of Aimee May that blurs the boundaries between digital and real fashion. Aimee May, our charismatic AI avatar, is at the forefront of innovation as one of the first photorealistic AI fashion models on a global stage. This project emphasises our "first mover" role in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in the fashion world by bridging the gap between advanced technology and creative expression.
With Aimee May, we not only demonstrate our ability to create charismatic personalities, but also the impressive visual quality and consistency that characterises our AI-powered fashion photos. Using innovative AI technologies, Aimee May offers a coherent visual experience across diverse fashion trends and virtually realises fashion styles with unprecedented precision. This capacity allows us to stage brand identities in an authentic and creatively unlimited way and represents a milestone in our quest for the perfect symbiosis of technology and artistic vision.
Since its launch in September 2023, Aimee May has built up an impressive fan base, supported by our expertise in the AI sector. With her weekly fashion videos, she already inspires over 10,000 (organic) followers and has achieved more than 1.5 million impressions, a clear sign of the enormous potential that lies in the combination of AI and fashion.
Our plan with Aimee May is to establish her as a virtual brand ambassador. It also reflects our vision of helping forward-looking fashion companies to present themselves innovatively and effectively in an increasingly digital world.
Working with Aimee May, you will not only discover a new horizon of digital influencer collaborations, but also position your company at the forefront of innovation, ready to conquer the market with a fresh, forward-thinking approach!