AI Brand ambassadors: Customised AI influencers for your brand and product presentation

Whether you're launching a new collection, boosting an online campaign or expanding your social media presence, our specialized team uses advanced AI technologies to create unique, bespoke brand ambassadors that not only capture the essence of your brand and products, but also impress with a precision and realism.


Base package

During a kick-off, we analyze the initial situation together and evaluate your goals. Based on these findings, we develop an AI strategy and define the characteristics of your avatar, including gender, age, body type and ethnic characteristics.

In the next step, we refine the avatar, stage it and generate a virtual photo shoot according to the defined environment and activity.

From the resulting series of around 30 still images, 20 photos are then selected and edited according to your preferences in various image formats (PNG, JPG).

These can then be used for marketing campaigns, print, e-commerce and social media content.


Package "Stillframe Motion"

By integrating moving images into your social media strategy, you can better capture the attention of potential customers and convey your message in a dynamic and entertaining way.

Using Stillframe Motion, we synchronize two videos with sound from the generated still images to create an engaging and memorable atmosphere.


Package "Real-life Motion"

By using sophisticated AI technology, we are able to not only generate individual snapshots from the still images of the photo shoot, but also simulate the movements of the avatar and the environment. In this way, we can create fascinating real-life videos that provide a vivid and dynamic representation of your brand or product.

The AI analyzes the still images and generates a continuous motion that shows the avatar in different positions and activities. At the same time, the background environment and other elements of the scene are also animated to create an immersive experience.

These real-life videos offer a unique opportunity to present your product or brand in an authentic and engaging way. By integrating moving images, you can convey your message even more effectively and increase the interest of your target group.


Aimee May

Our charismatic AI avatar, is at the forefront of innovation as one of the first photorealistic AI fashion models on a global stage. This project underlines our "first mover" role in the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the fashion world, bridging the gap between advanced technology and creative expression.