The future is now: How AI models are changing fashion presentation in e-commerce.

The introduction of generative AI avatars that depict a variety of types, age groups, body sizes and diversity characteristics is revolutionising the way fashion and sportswear can be presented, especially in online shops.
Although the use of artificially generated avatars raises ethical questions and is sometimes perceived with concern, progress and the introduction of new technologies have always accompanied mankind. Artificial intelligence is not a passing phenomenon; it will change the way we work in many ways. Although the ethical concerns should not be ignored, it is important to recognise and harness the positive impact of this technology to drive the future.
In the field of e-commerce in particular, this innovative technology opens up the opportunity to promote or expand diversity and variety in the representation of beauty and bodies. By using different avatars, e-shops can represent a wider range of body types, ethnicities and age groups, leading to a better representation and appreciation of diversity..
The conscious decision to include diversity in the product presentation sends a strong signal to consumers. It shows that the company recognises and promotes a broad spectrum of beauty ideals, which is not only ethically valuable but also has a positive impact on the brand image. Online shops can market their products worldwide, with photorealistic avatars that reflect the cultural diversity and beauty ideals of different target markets, resulting in a global market approach.
By recognising themselves and their diversity in the models presented, customers feel understood and valued. This strengthens the emotional bond with the brand and increases customer satisfaction, as the product presentation creates more realistic expectations and therefore has a positive influence on the purchase decision.
The representation of fashion through digital avatars can also contribute to sustainability by reducing the need for physical photo shoots with all their resources – from the production of samples to travelling. The use of AI to create various avatars enables fast and cost-efficient production of marketing materials. Companies can use AI technologies to digitally generate and customise a variety of looks and body types, saving time and resources. This helps to reduce the fashion industry's ecological footprint.
The challenge is to use these technologies in a way that preserves dignity and rights while paving the way for a new era in the modelling and fashion industry.

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