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Redefining creative freedom.
How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Immerse yourself in the history of AI and experience how myth-inspired dreams became reality through pioneers like Alan Turing. Be amazed by the incredible advances in AI technology, from the first programs to the latest breakthroughs in machine deep learning.

Learn how AI is not only revolutionizing the fashion industry, but also transforming the customer experience with groundbreaking possibilities. Exciting examples from early adopters such as Adidas, Prada, Moncler and other international fashion brands will provide fascinating insights into use cases that showcase and reinterpret the synergy of AI and classic marketing.

By attending our presentation, you will gain deeper insights into these topics and the opportunity to derive the use of AI for your industry.


History of Artificial Intelligence - The evolutionary path of intelligent machines from ancient myths to Turing.

Development of artificial intelligence - milestones from the first AI programs to deep learning.

AI in the fashion industry - transformation from creation to production through artificial intelligence.

Fashion Brands meets AI - The first spectacular case studies from major fashion brands.

AI-generated e-commerce models - Using generative AI avatars for a more diverse e-shop presentation of fashion.

Customized Fashion - Personalization of clothing with AI-based tool.

Virtual fitting rooms - Innovative concepts for personalized recommendations.

Sustainability through AI: Sorting old clothes to promote textile recycling.

Virtual avatars: Influence and the future - The growing influence of 3D and AI avatars in our everyday lives.

Aimee May - AI Fashion Model - The new generation of virtual avatars and their potential applications.

AI and ethics - Discussion about ethical awareness and global guidelines in dealing with AI.